The Commons offers two dedicated therapy rooms available by the hour. Newly renovated and furnished, our therapy rooms provide comfortable and quiet surroundings for your sessions. It’s easy to get started – just create a membership and then book your preferred times. Please note that these rooms are only for psychotherapy use and we will require proof of an active license before validating your account.

Both therapy offices are fully furnished and offer electronic entry, video intercoms, individual temperature control, storage, and well-appointed waiting rooms. You can even display your credentials or put your nameplate on the door. Office 1 has a table and chairs sized for children.


  • Office 1 (interior)
    • Peak (4PM to 9PM, M-Th) -- $30/hour
    • Off Peak -- $25/hour
  • Office 2 (windows)
    • Peak (4PM to 9PM, M-Th) -- $40/hour
    • Off Peak -- $35/hour

Afternoon and evening sessions are available. If you'd like to make repeat bookings, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can help reserve your times.

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