Savannah Davanzo - Community Manager - [email protected]

Daniel Friedland - Founder  - [email protected]

Building Staff - 212-360-1900

  • These House Rules are supplemented by The Commons COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. Please refer to posted signage around The Commons or ask a Commons team member for more information.

  • General: Please respect the people working around you and treat The Commons with care. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these house rules or any other aspect of The Commons. We appreciate your feedback.

  • Guests: Guests are welcome to join you in a private office or in a reserved meeting room. During the COVID-19 pandemic, guests are not permitted in shared workspaces. We require that members be present while a guest is visiting. Guests are welcome to purchase a day pass, if available.

  • Children: Visiting children must be mannerly and under direct supervision at all times. You may not leave a child in a shared area of The Commons while you work, even if they are well behaved and in close proximity.

  • Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms, including the Study, may only be used when booked. You can book a space via The Commons portal, on a posted iPad, or by asking a Commons team member. If you would like to briefly use a meeting room on a last minute basis, please check with The Commons team. Please be mindful of the meeting room or phone booth reservations made by other members and leave the meeting room promptly and in tidy condition. If for some reason you may need to cancel a reservation, please notify us at least one hour in advance of your booking to avoid being charged. Meeting room credits do not roll over from month-to-month and expire upon the end of your membership. Bookings made in excess of your monthly conference room credits will be charged on an hourly basis based on rates available on our website.

  • Phone Booths: Phone booths are available first-come first-served, for up to 60 minutes. A reservable phone booth is available for members to book via the iPad outside of the booth or The Commons portal.

  • Printing: The printer/copier/scanner is available to use per your membership plan, which may include monthly printing credits. Please ask the Community Manager for any help with eZeep installation. Additional printing and copying (scanning is free of charge) beyond your allotted printing credits will be charged at the following rates: $0.05 per black and white printed sheet and $0.20 per color printed sheet. Printing credits do not roll over from month-to-month and expire upon the end of your membership.

  • Noise: Please be mindful of your noise level in any shared areas. Loud conversations or long calls are best done in reservable meeting rooms or phone booths.

  • Kitchen: Coffee, tea and water are available in our kitchen. Please do not take food or beverages that do not belong to you. Snacks are available for purchase. The fridge will be cleaned each Friday evening and any personal food items may be thrown out.

  • Dishes: Please rinse dishware, mugs, or silverware and place in the dishwasher if the dishwasher sign is set to “Dirty.” If the sign is set to “Clean” any items can be left in the sink.

  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere in The Commons or on the property.

  • Pets: Well behaved dogs may visit shared spaces for quick visits, but may not remain for extended periods and will be asked to leave if disruptive in any way, as determined in the sole discretion of the Commons team. Licensed support animals are allowed if first registered with a Community Manager, however The Commons reserves the right to limit the total number of animals present at any time. If you’d like to bring a dog into your private office, please check with the Commons team first.

  • Quiet Area: The 5th floor mezzanine is a designated quiet area. Please refrain from conversations or calls in this area and set any devices to silent.

  • Office Cleaning: Private offices are cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, unless requested otherwise. The Commons is not responsible for any disturbance or damage to items that occurs during cleaning. If you do not want cleaning services to enter your office, please let us know via email.

  • Conduct: To maintain a safe and welcoming workplace, use of profanity, viewing of pornography or sexually explicit material, intimidation, and coercion are not permitted.

  • Access: Please do not permit entry to anyone you do not recognize as a Commons member or use Kisi to allow non-members entry to The Commons. Kisi access is intended for members only.

  • Use: The Commons is to be used for professional purposes only. Unauthorized use of the space may result in immediate termination of membership. Any activites which disturb or offend other members, or which are not congruent with The Commons terms, house rules, policies, or standard of conduct, may be grounds for termination of membership, effective immediately, in The Commons sole discretion.

  • License Agreement: These house rules are a supplement to your License Agreement. That agreement will be updated periodically and is available at Please be aware that by using The Commons you confirm that you have accepted the Terms & Conditions/License Agreement.

  • Changes: These house rules may change from time to time as needed and in the sole discretion of The Commons. The house rules may be further amended and interpreted by The Commons staff on a case-by-case basis as needed. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much! We’re glad you’re a part of The Commons.